Thursday, January 6, 2011

This weeks treasure hunt finds...

 So this week I found a couple of cool items that work perfectly for me.  The first are these floating shelves.  Floating shelves are an amazing idea, but they are expensive.  I love them and have always wanted some... so of course I squealed when I saw them.

They needed a little touch up but otherwise perfect, hardware and all for $5 each, I found them at two different stores.  These shelves will be perfect for me to display my sculptures, which currently sits inside of a china cabinet, and are just way to hidden.

My next find was unexpected and I almost missed it.  You see I love fishing, I have been going since I was a kid, and now as an adult its really relaxing.  So when we moved into the new house, I decided I was going to decorate the dining room in a fishing theme.  This has turned into an ordeal because it's a little difficult to find that stuff.

Oh there is plenty of Coastal fishing stuff or Country themed.  I am neither of those, but when I found this I knew it would be a perfect fit and functional.  I really like the background and the best part is it opens up to a key rack...  So this will fit right in perfectly!

Thanks everyone!  Coming soon... a project from another find from this week!

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