Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*UPDATED* Some Thrift store finds... quicky

Do you see these lovely little shelves, I bought them at Rescued Treasures.  They were unfinished and that was perfectly okay, I like a clean palette.  I sprayed them with flat black paint and we hung them.

Now these shelves didn't seem to be able to carry much weight but they hold these cute little frames of some of my nieces and nephews so that works too.  It breaks up the wall a bit with all the pictures.

I bought both of them for $3 and they came in their original package with the hardware.  This was so easy, I had time to gloat... silently to myself of course.  That was it, so lets go over it:

  1. Grab them, and run like mad to the register!
  2. Bring them home, open them and spray with paint.  I used flat black.
  3. Let dry, lightly sand if you need to.
  4. Hit with a second coat.
  5. Hang on the wall!

Now what to do with all of these brown painted walls!  One of these days I need to call Nate Berkus!

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