Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemade Costumes that are super creative

Okay so this is a list of websites that have the cutest ideas for really cool homemade costumes.  I am really into the illusion costumes this year.  There are links all through this post of where I found the costumes, so be sure to check them out.  These costumes are a different take on what I remember as 'homemade costumes' and they are fabulous ideas. When I was little homemade costumes consisted of fake giant boobs made from random material and wildly hairsprayed and glittered hair which I am convinced is responsible for the styles of the 80's...

Now, this first one is pretty cool it is a stroller costume, of a cabbage patch kid,which pretty much consists of a box painted and some online printed logos modge podged to the box.  It is cheap, cute, fast to make, and fun with no actual costume for the baby to wear and can be found at this link.
This fire truck is also easy and very cute, and looks like it sits just nicely on a stroller.  This is one last stroller costume I found at the same website as the cabbage patch kid (which really deserves some quality time searching through) is R2D2  a little more time consuming to make but very cool follow this link for pictures.

Another favorite category is the illusion costumes.  Some of these are very elaborate but some are not and still very cool.  The first one is one that looks fairly easy to make, and very well might end up being my costume this year, there is a lot at this link.  I am not a fan of the bloody ones, but that's just me.  This next website has a lot of them with instructions but my favorite is near the bottom called 'witch with frog in cauldron'.   Here is another creative one that is extra, super cool; the link for this video also has the instructions and the there another video of the same costume as well that shows more of it here.  These girls made a version that seems to be easier to walk around in, as long as you secure the foot better, this is also a video link.   When searching for illusion costumes I find it best to select the images option and also the video option, to get a better idea of what you are looking at.  

This website has a few great ideas, check out the lego costume at this link.  If you change the red sweat suit to blue you'll have Mike from Monsters Inc at this link.  Familycrafts.about.com has alot of cute ideas including more stuff to do with cardboard boxes.  There is a really cute aquarium at Costume Idea Zone which also has a skill crane costume as well.  Family Fun is pretty great site I like their "last minute costumes" with their clever renditions of a quarter back and smartie pants,  but don't forget to check out all of their categories I especially love their jellyfish costume.

Budget101.com has tons of ideas for costumes, parties, decorations, makeup/special effects and more.  I would plan on spending some time here.  And last but not least, dog costumes; there's no reason why fido can't join the fun.  Check out family.go.com or animal.discovery.com for some cute ideas.

So go out, exercise your creative muscle and make a costume.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

a car part junkin' trip...

This cracked me up... this car though was in the junk yard, was at one time on the road this decorative.  Most of the car is covered in these random buttons, and small decorative found objects.  It makes me wonder how long it took to do this, what creative genius decided out of the blue to opt for designs vs. a new paint job.  And how sad the day was when this little guy was retired to the junk yard...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recycling a Diving Board!

So this first project I am sharing is something I did a few months ago but had to share with you on the new blog since it was the inspiration of it!   Though it is not a thrift store find, I do believe it is quite clever... 

The giant asparagus fern I bought at target on clearance for $3... regular price was 29.99.  It was root bound really bad and I needed a giant pot.  And as it turns out, giant pots are expensive.  I started poking around my favorite thrift stores but couldn't find something that was just perfect.  So I started checking the garage and the side yard, and found a perfect solution right here at home.

Last year we took out the diving board because it was cracked and unsafe.  Since we didn't really care about having one or not my husband took it out,  that is where my other free find, my 3 piece bistro set,  is now living.

This is a perfect place for it because it also covers the small bolt holes and prevents the kids from running full circles around the pool.   

We hadn't gotten around to throwing it out yet so when I saw the base sitting there I knew it was the solution I was looking for.  The holes were already in the bottom, so drainage wouldn't be a problem.  

I just filled it with potting soil and inserted plant.  So the total cost is $3 plant, $5 potting soil, and $0 for the planter box!  Much better than a $100 dollar planter.  I will be adding some bulbs in there so I different ones coming up all year long.