Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A redesigned light....

Here is a light that my husband... who is a great stained glass artist...  found when we were out recently.  The light was cute, but really could use an updo.   The first thing he did was pop out the old glass by bending down the tabs, it is important to use leather gloves so you won't get cut on the glass. 

Now head on down to the local stained glass shop and search through the sea of gorgeous glass.  They can cut it down to the size you need for a fee. Once you have your glass just pop it back in place and bend the tabs up to secure it.
That's it... real easy to replace the glass in these sort of things.  Just remember to open it up to see if it has tabs.

Here it is with a candle in it... Our kiddo said it looked like a ship in a storm.

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