Monday, February 7, 2011

Part 1... Dresser/Vanity we found

So my husband and I are out and about checking out Threads of Love in Tulare, CA, and there sat under a pile of items, a really cool piece of furniture.  We snapped it up for out daughter so fast that my debit card is still warm...

Here is a series of pictures.  This thing was put together really well.  It is all hardwood and very sturdy which translates into heavy.  The knobs were not just screwed on, the drawer was notched and the knobs were inset into the drawer and then screwed on.  The knobs were made from the same wood.  We didn't do a whole lot to it, it is really perfect the way it is as you can see from the cool pull outs and vanity mirror.   These pull out drawers still glide so nicely.  I love the paper inside the drawers too.

 My husband did a little work to it because of damage to the drawers.  The vanity mirror was not installed right at some point so the flip up lid would not shut very well, 2 of the drawers were damaged (fixable on another day).  The back of the mirror was dated June 66, but I have a feeling this is not the same for the rest of it.

I love this mirror with the space inside of it, perfect place for her brushes and hairbands.  I can just see them now all lined up in a nice... neat... row, well at least they will look great sprawled around.

So far so good, we dropped in this paper organizer/cubby thing where two of the drawers were.  Interestingly they are just big enough for those plastic shoe boxes.  I am loving this!   I am not a huge fan of paint... its too permanent, so I have this idea that I will be posting in part 2 of this fun project.

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