Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Daddy's Fishing Lures... which haven't been used in 30 years!

A recent post gave me the idea about another frame idea... this one required no frame upgrade.  The frames were 50% at the thrift store, so I checked them out.  and found 2 I really like.

This frame had two mini african masks in them, the inside was really easy to get to on both projects, just unscrewed the back and gently pulled the masks off then glued my lures in place.

Same process with this one but I did have to paint the background black, because I wanted it to really contrast this old lure.   These look really great on the wall, and everytime I see them I am reminded of fishing with daddy.

This is an old tray I found at a yard sale I only paid a dollar for it.  I just screwed in a hangar on the back.  The little fuzzy thing is a lure a picked up at a sale.  I am planning on eventually putting the rest of my collector lures in this, but I couldn't wait to display it.

I love fishing and I do have tons of lures I use all the time, but sometimes I find something that I just have to have but don't want to use anymore.  Lures are a beautiful thing, and lure making will be my retiring hobby.

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