Monday, November 1, 2010

before and after picture woes....

I look around at all the things I have found and repurposed but never took before pictures.  But that is okay, lesson learned time to move on.... 

This being one of them.  The sculpture is something I did a while ago, and it looked terrible just dangling on the wall.  Shockingly canvases that small are very expensive.  While out running errands I found this canvas, it was actually bright lime green with an blue elephant on it, for only $1!   So I grabbed that guy and took him home to my studio and slapped some black paint on it, and mounted my sculpture.

Now imagine a grandma's broach, or grandpa's old wire rimmed glasses, or fishing lure mounted there.  Or some really cool keepsake you have found while treasure hunting.   Canvas doesn't have to be a place for a painted scene or mounted sculpture it can be whatever you want!

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  1. Shelley, You are so smart and creative. Thanks for posting the great ideas using thrift store treasures.