Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apothecary Jars on the Cheap

So...  Apothecary jars are fantastic!   I love them, but wow are they expensive.   I found a great tutorial that is so easy to follow and you can make these for 2-5 dollars each depending on what you get!  

Basically while at the thrift store or dollar store match up your pieces and use e6000 glue to set them together!  Here is how a few of mine came out!  I used a small bowl, and drawer handle, and a candle stick.  I glued them all together and that was it.

Here I turned them into Terrariums, using leftover poinsettias from the holiday!  I think Terrariums are really beautiful, and make plant care pretty easy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Repurposed find!

Earring conversion that is sooooo easy, you just might leap for joy!

 I love blue and I love any flower that is a daisy or looks similar to one.  So when I saw this cute little earring sitting in a box I knew I must have it.  It's a loner but that was okay because my first thought was glue it to a frame or something.  The other great thing about it was it is a clip on earring, which I love those things, they go on and off so quickly.  To be honest I am not sure why it is so hard to find them anymore.

While I was poking around in the little dollar basket for a nice pin.  Old blouse pins had become a new obsession for me they are so shiny and colorful.  And then BAM!  an idea slapped me upside the head, why not clip that cute little pin to my shirt and just like that.  I repurposed a truly fabulous earring into a pin without a single drop of glue, no twist of the pliers, and no hammer to break apart.

These are my most favorite kind of re-purpose, one that is easy, quick, and fun!  One that will take a single earring that sat inside a jewelry box all alone (sniff sniff) and then tossed away, but now has a new home on my jackets and plain old shirts!
And here it is clipped to my shirt, this one is tiny, but everyone noticed my cute little blue flower on my shirt.  The best thing about these is that they don't poke holes in your shirt, and there is no little magnet to get knocked down your shirt.  So enjoy searching the little bins for new pins!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Part 1... Dresser/Vanity we found

So my husband and I are out and about checking out Threads of Love in Tulare, CA, and there sat under a pile of items, a really cool piece of furniture.  We snapped it up for out daughter so fast that my debit card is still warm...

Here is a series of pictures.  This thing was put together really well.  It is all hardwood and very sturdy which translates into heavy.  The knobs were not just screwed on, the drawer was notched and the knobs were inset into the drawer and then screwed on.  The knobs were made from the same wood.  We didn't do a whole lot to it, it is really perfect the way it is as you can see from the cool pull outs and vanity mirror.   These pull out drawers still glide so nicely.  I love the paper inside the drawers too.

 My husband did a little work to it because of damage to the drawers.  The vanity mirror was not installed right at some point so the flip up lid would not shut very well, 2 of the drawers were damaged (fixable on another day).  The back of the mirror was dated June 66, but I have a feeling this is not the same for the rest of it.

I love this mirror with the space inside of it, perfect place for her brushes and hairbands.  I can just see them now all lined up in a nice... neat... row, well at least they will look great sprawled around.

So far so good, we dropped in this paper organizer/cubby thing where two of the drawers were.  Interestingly they are just big enough for those plastic shoe boxes.  I am loving this!   I am not a huge fan of paint... its too permanent, so I have this idea that I will be posting in part 2 of this fun project.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cool New Place in Visalia

So there is a super cool new place in town called Estate Sale Central  it is on Main street in the Picnic sandwich shop mall.   My favorite part about it is the really unique items, that you just don't normally see anywhere, you know those quirky little collector things.  I saw a Snoopy corkboard, and paintings, prints, postcards, the coolest looking chair, beautiful fishing flys, and just so much.  I was weak, and though this was a no spend day, I had to have this really cool cribbage board, it will be a perfect gift for someone who I know LOVES cribbage.  This thing was carved out of a small log, and was just perfect.

So there it is, if your local get there and get there quick,  it was awesome! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011


This project is a repurposed project.  I love t-shirts, and I wear them alot.  I also wear them out or stain them, and until now have always just put my favorites or memory jogging ones up on the top shelf of my closet.  Then today I ran across a pepsi refresh project video, where a woman took old t-shirts and turned them into bags.  My first batch was very large bags, but none the less cool.  The next batch I am working on will be more like the size of a grocery bag, which is large child or teenager sized shirts.  There is a ton of instructions but they are all the same basic model.  But I like lots of pictures and small words...

Step on of this project is to gather your stuff... old t-shirt, scissors, pen/pencil, plate, and sewing machine (I suppose you could hand sew)
This is one of my shirts I used, the poor thing is stained but I can't bear to get rid of it.

Cut each sleeve off the shirt leaving the seam on what will now be bag portion of the t-shirt.  I used my fingertips to make sure the seams on the front and back of the sleeve are on top of each other.  Only do one sleeve at a time, this project is quick so there is no need to rush it.  At this point you have your basic sleeveless shirt.

 Lay the shirt flat and naturally ( the front neck will be lower the the back of it a little bit then place the dinner plate on the shirt in the middle of it.  Using a marker lightly mark around the plate you can either trace one long line or a few spots.  
 Then remove the plate and begin cutting the neck off.  Cut just outside the line so it will go with the scrap.  Once it is all cut it will look something like this.

 Turn the shirt inside out and line up the bottom seam and using a straight stitch sew right in the existing seam.  A straight stitch worked fine for me, but really, whatever makes you comfortable, don't sew backwards in the beginning and at the end to kind of lock it in place.

Once you are finished it will look sort of like this.  Flip it right side out and throw it in the hot wash cycle and tada...  A real recycled-reuseable shopping bag.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A redesigned light....

Here is a light that my husband... who is a great stained glass artist...  found when we were out recently.  The light was cute, but really could use an updo.   The first thing he did was pop out the old glass by bending down the tabs, it is important to use leather gloves so you won't get cut on the glass. 

Now head on down to the local stained glass shop and search through the sea of gorgeous glass.  They can cut it down to the size you need for a fee. Once you have your glass just pop it back in place and bend the tabs up to secure it.
That's it... real easy to replace the glass in these sort of things.  Just remember to open it up to see if it has tabs.

Here it is with a candle in it... Our kiddo said it looked like a ship in a storm.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*UPDATED* Some Thrift store finds... quicky

Do you see these lovely little shelves, I bought them at Rescued Treasures.  They were unfinished and that was perfectly okay, I like a clean palette.  I sprayed them with flat black paint and we hung them.

Now these shelves didn't seem to be able to carry much weight but they hold these cute little frames of some of my nieces and nephews so that works too.  It breaks up the wall a bit with all the pictures.

I bought both of them for $3 and they came in their original package with the hardware.  This was so easy, I had time to gloat... silently to myself of course.  That was it, so lets go over it:

  1. Grab them, and run like mad to the register!
  2. Bring them home, open them and spray with paint.  I used flat black.
  3. Let dry, lightly sand if you need to.
  4. Hit with a second coat.
  5. Hang on the wall!

Now what to do with all of these brown painted walls!  One of these days I need to call Nate Berkus!