Sunday, December 19, 2010


My latest obsession is terrariums.  It started with these two bottles, and exploded into craziness.  The first two bottles ia an old wine decanter and a gallo wine bottle, I bought them for a whole quarter each!  The plants are from Lowes and were $1.50 each, but filled many many terrariums.

This bottle neck poinsettia jar was $3 but the cheese plate and cover was only $2 and those two cuties were .25 cents each.  But stuffed with flowers and beautiful poinsettia's they are fabulous!

The apothecary jar is a project from one Dollar Store Crafts blog  (one of my favorites)  and though it was listed as a $10 and beyond project it was really only $6 because I picked the handle at the thrift store for .25 so all in all these are really inexpensive choices for these cute little bottles.

These were really fun and easy projects, just search terrariums for instructions.  Except rather than spending $20 dollars and up for jars, take alook and your local thrift store or even dollar store for ideas.  That fit the budget!

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