Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Thrift store finds...

Now that christmas items are showing up at the thrift stores I am stocking up.  These were not repurposed so much as there were incredibly good deals that I had to get they required almost no repair, just some minor adjustments and/or cleanups

This one was part of a lot of new items they had received from a department store.  It was a display that was originally marked at $39.99, can you believe that a 4 foot cute little fabric snowman...  Well I paid only $5 for this little man.

This my daughter loves so much, it is one of those hallmark displays you can get by buying 5 cards and spending $20 or so dollars on.  Well in the store it was also marked $5 but when you pushed the on button it didn't come on.  I still took a chance because it was very cute even if I had to get my thread puller out to remove the button.  When I got home and put fresh batteries in, it worked perfectly singing... "outside it perfect weather for a sleigh ride together with you"

This tree is a little cutey I picked up for a couple of dollars all it needed was a tree skirt.  It is pre-lit and has little random birds and flowers on it.  for now it sits in my bathroom. with the snowman/penguin trio!
It was a good day for deals.  And is proves my theory that Christmas decorating doesn't have to be expensive and the more we share and re-use the better off our resources are.

I was looking for something to flex my creative muscle with by repurposing something but it was still fun... I guess I will have to go out again. oh darn!

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