Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another clock idea!

Okay so that dry erase board project gave me a great idea...  On a recent trip I found a big round cover for the older style light fixtures, however I saw a cool clock.  The first one I found was too big for a clock, so I kept looking.   Then I found it!

I like the floral leaf kind of design in it, and it is light weight which is important, my clock box has a built in hangar on it, and I don't want to put to much weight on it.  The best part about these plate covers is that they already have the hole in it, so no drilling into the glass.  I used a similar clock from the last project so I am reposting those pictures, because the process is the same.

The list of stuff remains the same,  basic battery operated clock , remember its the hands that we want to look interesting, also make sure that they are either metal hands or small enough to fit within the curve if your clock has a curve.  A light fixture plate, and a few washers.  Pop a battery in the clock to make sure it actually works.  Carefully take apart the old clock but keep in mind how the clock pieces go back together.  But remember glue fixes many a mistake.

I set the clock up on the plate but I did not snap the pieces together, because at this point we need to gauge how many washers we will need to fill the gap.  I will be using star washers because they look interesting, kind of  clock-workish, but you can use any kind.  Once you know how many you need, shoot them with a little spray paint so they match the hands of the clock and don't touch them until they are dried.

I used some that glass glue that will glue anything to glass.  and glued the battery box to the back of the plate just make sure the little knob that holds the hands is not only through the hole, but also centered, because once the glue sets... its forever.  Then set the washers on top and then stack your clock hands back on the knob... as it turns out mine snap together quite nicely.

  TaDa!   Here she is... my lovely little quickie clock project!   Don't you love her!  I know I do... now where to hang her.

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