Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recycling a Diving Board!

So this first project I am sharing is something I did a few months ago but had to share with you on the new blog since it was the inspiration of it!   Though it is not a thrift store find, I do believe it is quite clever... 

The giant asparagus fern I bought at target on clearance for $3... regular price was 29.99.  It was root bound really bad and I needed a giant pot.  And as it turns out, giant pots are expensive.  I started poking around my favorite thrift stores but couldn't find something that was just perfect.  So I started checking the garage and the side yard, and found a perfect solution right here at home.

Last year we took out the diving board because it was cracked and unsafe.  Since we didn't really care about having one or not my husband took it out,  that is where my other free find, my 3 piece bistro set,  is now living.

This is a perfect place for it because it also covers the small bolt holes and prevents the kids from running full circles around the pool.   

We hadn't gotten around to throwing it out yet so when I saw the base sitting there I knew it was the solution I was looking for.  The holes were already in the bottom, so drainage wouldn't be a problem.  

I just filled it with potting soil and inserted plant.  So the total cost is $3 plant, $5 potting soil, and $0 for the planter box!  Much better than a $100 dollar planter.  I will be adding some bulbs in there so I different ones coming up all year long.

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